Our Team

Black Menswear tells the true story of the Black man.

Since 2017, we’ve been on a mission to change the narrative of our community by creating empowering content and providing safe space for conversation and gathering.

As the brand has grown, our team has grown with experts in their fields collaborating to continue driving the mission.

"This was an opportunity to say 'how do we help just change the conversation for the positive? To bring guys together and network and really try to build comradery on a national level."

Our Team

Meet the team driving a new narrative.

NeAndre Broussard

NeAndre Broussard is the Founder and CEO of Black Menswear. With a background in sales, he’s consistently been a top performer in the financial services industry for the last 10 years. After studying markets and culture at SMU, he quickly learned social media marketing and worked to build a number of largely successful social media platforms, with Black Menswear being the most pivotal. NeAndre is based in Dallas, TX with his wife and two sons.

Evan Marshall

Evan Marshall COO for Black Menswear. Evan believes that every brand and person has a story to tell, and we all desire to tap into the creative juices within us; however, we struggle to uncover the narrative that defines us. His passion is enabling people and brands to quench their creative thirst by helping them bring their stories to life. He enjoys art, reading, Soulection, and assisting people to become the best versions of themselves. Evan is based in Chicago, IL working as a senior manager of influence for one of the world’s largest PR firms.

Rock Mitchell

Creative Director
Rock Mitchell, Creative Director of Black Menswear, has worked as a creative consultant with an emphasis on Visual Media and strategy for the past decade. He is the co-owner of Studio G&M in Baltimore, MD, and the Chief Creative of Major Result Co., a creative consulting organization. Over the course of his career, Rock has collaborated on the conception and production of key projects, including but not limited to international work, corporate and government work. Rock is based in Baltimore, MD with his wife and two sons.

Jacob Clayton

Head of Apparel
Jacob Clayton is the Head of Apparel for BM&Co, a Black Menswear company. With over 6 years of experience, specializing in custom suits and tailoring for both men and women, Jacob has built a reputation as a leader in the custom suit space. Over the years, he’s successfully built a large clientele including celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners, and is taking BM&Co global. Jacob is based in Dallas, TX.

Stone Brickhouse

Stone Brickhouse operates as the Editor-in-Chief of Black Menswear. His primary responsibilities concern the Virtual Magazine and other Customer Relationship Management duties. Stone received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Virginia Commonwealth University, and his Master’s Degree in Management from George Mason University. He is based in Richmond, VA and his other hobbies include making music and writing poetry.

Faith Woodard

Director of Media Relations
Faith Woodard is the Director of Media Relations for Black Menswear. Faith is a native of Tampa, Florida and is currently based in South Texas where she’s an evening anchor for the local CBS affiliate. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and Columbia University with her Masters in Journalism. She enjoys traveling, reading, shopping, and spending time with family.

Jayl'in Clark

Director of Digital Assets
Jayl'in Clark is the Director of Digital Assets at Black Menswear. Jayl'in is the oldest of five and was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA where he is currently based. Jayl'in graduated from the Community College of Allegheny County and is finishing his degree at Howard University. Jayl'in enjoys mentoring, traveling, cooking, reading, working out, and anything that has to do with becoming the best version of himself.