A global collective of individuals helping to change the narrative of the Black Man in society

Similar to Frederick Douglass’ battle against racist imagery, The Black Menswear FlashMob series is a traveling collective that brings Black men together, suited and booted, to create culture-shifting viral content. Originating in Dallas, TX, the Black Menswear FlashMob has brought together thousands of black men together around the world to write our own narrative about the success and presence of the Black Man. This event is also a great networking opportunity that has produced business partnerships, increased clientele for entrepreneurs, and mentorship groups. Again echoing Douglass’ thoughts, the Black Menswear FlashMob provides “an additional image of blackness that contradicts the prevailing racist stereotypes.”

Upcoming FlashMobs

Dallas, TX '23

Atlanta,GA '23

Miami, FL '23

Previous FlashMobs

London, EN '23

Harlem, NY

Las Vegas,NV

Miami, FL '22

Toronto, Canada

Accra, Ghana

Baltimore, MA

New Orleans, LA

Seattle, WA

Paris, France

Miami, FL

Philadelphia, PA

Detroit, MI

Los Angeles, CA

Chicago, IL

New York, NY